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LogicBoxes Adds Free DNS Service to Product Portfolio

Keeping in line with their promise of providing DNS as a free bundled service, LogicBoxes rolled-out their much awaited release on Sunday, April 5th. DNS is the first in a long line of products to go FREE on the LogicBoxes Platform.

Available with any and every product on the Platform, the Free DNS Service is bound to create a lot of buzz and excitement among Registrars’ Resellers and Customers. Each service will lend an extended level of ‘value-for-money’ for all Registrars using the Platform, and will no doubt boost domain name sales for all LogicBoxes Partners.

“The launch of Free DNS signals a new era of free products and services” said Company CEO and Founder, Bhavin Turakhia. “We are always looking to give our Partners the best tools to effectively increase their market share and through the line-up of free products, Registrars will be able to offer customers the ability to build, connect, manage and grow their online presence like never before.
In an extremely competitive domain name market, every value-add and service goes a long way towards attracting Resellers and Customers. Undoubtedly, free DNS and the following free products will pave the way for Registrars to naturally attract and expand their customer base.”

Other products indicated to go free include Domain Forwarding, Website Builder, Email and Chat.

With a focus on enhancing its core domain offering, LogicBoxes presents Registrars, with an evolving platform that caters to the dynamic market and reflects industry trends. The recent addition of the AGP Abuse Tracking tool, followed by the introduction of the Free DNS service seems like another step towards providing Logicboxes Partners with a competitive edge through its comprehensive solution.


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