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Announcing the launch of Automation Solutions for ccTLD Registries

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our Automation Solution for ccTLDs. This new offering is aimed at helping ccTLD Registries further grow their namespace by giving them a dedicated retail storefront and a complete end-to-end automation platform to seamlessly run their business.

The number of internet users across the world has increased by 673.3% over the last 13 years. The major contributors to this phenomenal growth are: Africa (5,219.6%), Middle East (3,060.9%), Latin America (1,571.4%), Asia (1,000.6%) and Europe (438.8%). The staggering growth rates in these regions indicate that more and more individuals and businesses are getting online. With a world average of 10 domains per 100 internet users, we envision a great demand for domain names and web presence products in these regions. Many ccTLDs from these geographies don’t have an optimal distribution network or the necessary technology to automate business activities. With our ccTLD Automation Solution, we aim to offer a comprehensive package to facilitate these ccTLD Registries to easily sell domains to the local populace. As a service provider, we will also give these ccTLD Registries access to world-class web presence products such as Email Hosting, Web Hosting, Website Builders, SSL Certificates, etc. Registries can offer these white-labeled products to their user base to increase customer loyalty and retention. Also, once integrated, the ccTLD Partner will be in an advantageous position to promote its TLD to our existing base of 100+ Registrars and 100,000+ Resellers.

ccTLDs have consistently shown great growth for the past few years. In 2013 alone, the ccTLD base registrations grew by 13.1% over 2012. We want to help ccTLDs with automating their operations and growing their business. Having already successfully worked with ccTLDs such as .CO, .MN, .HN and .BZ, we are confident that other ccTLDs can also leverage our solution and ensure success

said Clifford deSouza, Sr. Business Development Specialist, who leads the ccTLD Automation Solution at LogicBoxes.

We will be conducting a webinar titled “ccTLD Automation: Unleash the True Potential of Your ccTLD” on the 4th of December, 2014. A must-attend for ccTLDs across the world, the webinar will provide valuable insights about the domain industry and the critical factors surrounding the growth of ccTLDs. The webinar will cover aspects including:

  • Analysis of current industry stats and expected trends for the future

  • Why the traditional registrar channel may no longer be enough for ccTLD success

  • What you need to do to realize the full potential of your ccTLD

  • Case studies on success stories of other ccTLDs

For more details on our ccTLD Automation Solution, please visit:

Amreen Bhujwala
Amreen Bhujwala
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