.ASIA Landrush Pre-apps

Please be informed that we are in the process of signing up all our Registrars and Resellers for .ASIA domain registration. The .ASIA Landrush is scheduled to begin on 20th Feb 2008. Your Customers and Resellers will soon be able to pre-apply for their list of desired .ASIA domains through LogicBoxes.

The Sign-up process will be completed by Monday, 18th February 2008 post which you will be able to accept Pre-apps from your Customers and Resellers. The default pricing for .ASIA will be set during Sign-up and you may change this pricing if you wish, through your Control panel.

.ASIA Registrars:
If you are a .ASIA accredited Registrar, please ensure that the LogicBoxes IP address is added at the Registry.


  • You will be signed up for .ASIA only if you have selected the “Automatic Sign-up” option in your Control panel.

  • We will reload the SuperSite and PartnerSite cache for all our Registrars and Resellers only after the completion of the Sign-up process. If you wish to reload the SuperSite and PartnerSite cache yourself, please do so after you receive the .ASIA Sign-up confirmation email. You may do this by accessing your Control panel and clicking on Tools -> Reload SuperSite & PartnerSite Cache.

We will be providing more details on the Land rush process and the .ASIA Pricing in a subsequent email.

Please feel free to get in touch with your LogicBoxes Account Manager for any further information that you may require.