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.ASIA Registry Announces “Pioneer Domains Program”

The .ASIA registry has launched the “Pioneer Domains Program” which is designed to award .ASIA domain names to applicants based upon relevant content and business plans. Applicants for the Pioneer Domains Program will also be required to submit a deposit in most cases, which will be refunded if the registry does not award them the domain name in question.

This Program consists of three categories:

  • Community Pioneer: which is open to individuals, businesses and other organizations that wish to apply for generic words;

  • Global Brand Pioneers: for “well-established brand owners to develop active and relevant Web sites and services; and

  • Partner Pioneers: which is designed for accredited registrars, technology and service providers to promote the .ASIA extension.

While the Sunrise period is designed to provide comprehensive protective measures for trademark owners, the registry says the Global Brand Pioneers category “offers proactive brand holders who are committed to the Asia community the .ASIA domains that best match their mark and businesses.”

For the Community Pioneer Program, Applicants are expected to fill in the application form and also include a brief proposal outlining:

  • Business and Marketing Plan: describing the concept and proposed scheme for the .Asia domain, along with activities and ideas for promoting the domain;

  • Operations and Financial Support: resources and support available for viability of the initiative and to execute on the proposed plans; and,

  • Community and Social Considerations: commercial and social benefits to the community

In order to qualify for the Global Brand category, the registry says a brand must have or demonstrate:

  • Trademark registrations in multiple countries and/or regions, with at least one in Asia;

  • Significant investment into the development and promotion of the corresponding brand online and offline; and,

  • Substantial sales threshold in connection with goods and services associated with the mark.

Although marketing commitment deposit is not applicable for partner Pioneer Program, commitments and pledges for the provision of complimentary, considerably discounted or exceptionally favorable terms of services or products to DotAsia will be required.

Detailed information and application forms can be found at: