Exclusive .CO Webinar for LogicBoxes Registrars on 7th July ’10

Associated globally with the words “COmpany,” “COrporation” and “COmmerce” – the .CO domain opens up new opportunities in the currently saturated online environment.

.CO domains are easy to recognize, simple to remember, and flexible to use. The .CO extension also offers the perfect platform for a new generation of socially-networked individuals and businesses to COmmunicate and COllaborate online.

LogicBoxes has collaborated with the .CO Registry to host this Webinar exclusively for its Registrar clients. This webinar is designed to answer any questions that you may have about .CO, and more importantly, to enable you to fully leverage the buzz that .CO has created in the market.

Details of the Webinar:

This webinar will be conducted in collaboration with the .CO Registry.

Date: Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Time: 18:30 – 19:30 GMT

Register now at:


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