Digital Certificates: Thawte Additional Licenses

We are glad to announce the inclusion of thawte ‘Additional Licenses’ to our ever-expanding product portfolio.

LogicBoxes now allows users to use a single certificate to secure multiple servers through thawte ‘Additional Licenses’.

Apart from being the pioneers in the Digital Certificates industry, thawte is also one of the most reliable brands in the market today. As always, we are offering you this product at the most competitive pricing.

thawte Additional Licenses:
Users can now secure multiple servers with just one certificate using thawte Additional Licenses. From Dec. 26th 2007, you and your Resellers will be able to sell Additional Licenses along with your thawte Digital Certificates.

What is a License?
A license is meant for those who wish to secure multiple servers with one certificate. This option should only be used if all the servers have the same alias (i.e. URL seen by clients in their browsers). You can request upto 5 licenses per certificate.

In what situation would a License be needed?
The most common environment in which one would require licenses is in a distributed architecture/load balancing setup. Additional licenses can also be added to an SSL certificate anytime during its life cycle. So if your customers already have SSL certificates, they can still buy additional licenses to secure additional servers.

IMPORTANT: Steps to take before you can start selling Additional Licenses –

Set Your Pricing:
You need to first set slab-wise pricing for Additional Licenses within ‘Digital Certificates’ (for your Customers and Sub-resellers) in order to resell them. You can do this by logging into your Control Panel, and going to Settings >> Set Pricing & Plans >> Digital Certificates >> and then set pricing for Additional Licenses.

Reload Cache on SuperSite & PartnerSite:
All those using the SuperSite and PartnerSite will need to login to the Admin Interfaces for these respective websites, and Reload the Cache so that the Additional Licenses option reflects on them.

Please trickle down these details to your Resellers as well. In case you need white labeled collaterals for promoting this product to your Resellers & Customers, please contact your LogicBoxes Account manager.