For ccTLD Registries: 4 Steps to Guaranteed Success

For ccTLD Registries: 4 Steps to Guaranteed Success

The introduction of New gTLDs has increased the rate at which individuals and businesses are getting online today and we’re already seeing mainstream adoption of New gTLDs. By going the extra mile to spread awareness about their extensions among the masses, New gTLD Registries are bringing attention to their value propositions and, more importantly, are sharing the idea of ‘getting online’ to audiences.


If you’re a ccTLD Registry, you’ve been steadily growing these past few years and may not have seen a major impact from New gTLDs on your growth numbers. The advent of new gTLDs could in fact help boost online awareness & registrations for your ccTLD. How? Even though you might have minor competition from New gTLDs for market share, there will always be a steady segment of customers and businesses that will want to opt for a local country extension to proudly denote who they are and where they do business.

And with Domain Registrars and their customers spoilt for choice with so many TLD options, it’s imperative for your Registry to take a few important steps today that will serve as the foundation of your Registry’s growth for years to come!

Here are 4 strategic initiatives that will propel your ccTLD to a strong industry player in your local region:

  1. Take control of your distribution network: While you have strategic partnerships in place with Domain Registrars, you should definitely consider creating and leveraging your own wholesale network too. A network comprising of distributors and organizations in your region, who have a better and dedicated access to your end customers, will result in a quick and more effective sales process.
  2. Start a Flagship Storefront: A dedicated ecommerce site for your ccTLD can boost conversions and help you convey your message better. It also enhances the overall buying experience for every customer, allowing them to buy your ccTLD without the added clutter of hundreds of other extensions and irrelevant products. Having your own storefront also lets customers engage with you directly, increasing the opportunity to close sales and garner feedback.
  3. Automate all Business Processes: Most ccTLD Registries spend a lot of resources on manual day-to-day operations and don’t have the budgets to ramp up marketing and sales activities. By automating daily operational tasks such as order invoicing, domain activation, customer management, etc., you can spend more time and resources focusing on business development and marketing activities.
  4. Sell additional Web Products: It’s rarely seen that a ccTLD Registry, which sells directly to customers, offers anything else other than a Domain Name. Here’s a huge opportunity to provide your customers with a wholesome web experience by giving them the ability to buy various Value Added Services along with a domain name, viz. Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Website Builder, etc. This helps boost your revenue as a Registry and at the same time, increases customer stickiness too!


Having worked with various ccTLD Registries over the past few years, we have amassed a deep understanding of the potential and pitfalls facing them today. A few ccTLDs have already realized that they’re in the right place and the right time to exponentially boost growth and expand their namespace. Registries such as .MN, .BZ, .CO, .HN have all adopted the 4-pronged strategy mentioned above and have taken full ownership of their respective namespaces.

Every ccTLD Registry out there, no matter how big or small the size of your local population, can definitely benefit from these strategies to meet their business goals.


Amreen Bhujwala
Amreen Bhujwala
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