Hosting Orders added as a factor for Slab based Pricing

In order to provide you more flexibility in setting Domain Registration Pricing, we have now introduced Hosting Orders as a factor in addition to the Total Receipts criterion which already exists. We believe that this will stimulate the sale of this Product through your Resellers due to higher profit margins. The revamped slab structure essentially enables you to allow your Resellers to advance towards a higher slab pricing with lower Total Receipts.

Going forward, our Domain Registration Pricing Slabs will also depend on the number of Hosting Packages sold. Your Resellers can now jump to a higher slab for Domain Registration if they either have the required amount of Total Receipts OR the required number of Hosting Packages.

Below is the Revamped Pricing Structure:

Domain Registration Slab Total Receipts / Hosting Packages
Base Slab $199
Slab 1 $ 499 / 10 Hosting Packages
Slab 2 $ 1499 / 25 Hosting Packages
Slab 3 $ 2999 / 50 Hosting Packages
Slab 4 $ 5999 / 125 Hosting Packages
Slab 5 $ 11999 / 250 Hosting Packages

Note: The above pricing applies only to Registrars Reselling TLDs through LogicBoxes.

Let us understand this with the help of an example:

Let’s say your Reseller’s Total Receipts is $800 and the Number of Hosting Packages sold is 26. As per the old pricing structure, your Reseller will fall under Slab 1 for Domain Registration, till the Total Receipts reach $1499. The revamped pricing structure however, will directly qualify him for Slab 2 at $800 itself, since more than 25 Hosting Packages were sold.

Managed DNS:

From now onwards, each managed DNS order will allow 500 records by default instead of 50. Since 500 records are more than sufficient to meet the customers needs, upgrades for additional records will be discontinued.

Existing Managed DNS packages with less than 500 records will be upgraded to 500 DNS Records.
Existing Managed DNS packages with more than 500 records will not be affected.

Current Promotions:

Also, please note that the following promotions will end on 27th December, 2007 at 11:30 GMT.

  • .INFO @ $1.69
  • .IN @ $3.69
  • .MOBI at $7.99 with FREE .MOBI Site Builder

You are kindly advised to cease the promo from your end, a few hours before the above mentioned time.


You and your Resellers would need to check for all unpaid and stuck orders to ensure that they are either paid for or cancelled within the Promo period in order to avail of the promo pricing.

Please feel free to get in touch with your LogicBoxes Account Manager for any further information that you may require.