.IN Promo Engine now active.

LogicBoxes announces the launch of the .IN Promo Engine that can now be activated from within your Registrar Control Panel.

The .IN TLD is now being offered by the Registry at Rock Bottom Pricing, and the LogicBoxes Promo Engine helps you trickle down this pricing to all your Customers and Resellers, thereby allowing you to make the most of this promotion.

Why .IN?

.IN, a Vanity ccTLD representing the term ‘Internet’, is widely used world over and currently features among the fastest growing ccTLDs. Offering .IN domains at such a low pricing would be an excellent opportunity for you to expand your target market and bring in a wide range of diverse customers.

Furthermore, your Customers can now establish their online presence in India through a .IN domain. Ranked among the largest economic markets, using a .IN domain name, will definitely prove beneficial to your customers.

.IN registrations are freely available to companies, individuals and organizations worldwide and there are no restrictions in terms of nexus information, or other qualifications.

The following is a list of the available .IN extensions:

  • .IN
  • .CO.IN
  • .NET.IN
  • .ORG.IN
  • .FIRM.IN
  • .GEN.IN (general)
  • .IND.IN (individuals)


Registrars that are using their own .IN Accreditation in our system will need to confirm their Pricing with the Registry before offering the discounted pricing from our system. The Registry requires you to sign up with them in order to receive this promo pricing.

Registrars that are reselling .IN domain names through LogicBoxes can now avail of a rock bottom pricing of USD 3.69 per domain year for all second and third level .IN registrations. For further information on the Pricing applicable to you, please click here.

Activating the Promo:

For Registrars that are using their own .IN Accreditation in our system, the Promo Engine can simply be activated by logging into your Control Panel and going to Settings >> Set Pricing, Plans and Promos.

For more details on the working of the .IN Promo engine, we suggest you visit this link:

For all Registrars that are reselling .IN domains through LogicBoxes, the system has automatically trickled down the selling price to all your Sub-Resellers.

The promo pricing of USD 3.69 will be applicable to you, only if your Selling Price to your Customers as well as Sub-resellers is less than or equal to USD 7.5 for second level .IN domain names, and less than or equal to USD 5.5 for third level .IN domain names.

If you wish to opt out of this promotion completely, and NOT offer ANY promotional price to your Customers and Sub-Resellers for .IN Domains, you can do so by simply setting this price to zero within the promo engine available in your control panel, and trickling down the pricing to your entire chain.


  • This promo pricing applies only to new second and third level .IN domain names registered, and applies to the FIRST YEAR of Registration only. A 2 year .IN Domain Name will therefore be charged at [Promotional Price for 1 year + Usual Price for 1 year].

  • Renewals and Transfers will NOT attract this special pricing.

  • There are absolutely NO restrictions on the number of .IN Domain Name registrations.

  • We suggest you go through the following link to understand the Promo Engine better:

White Labeled Collaterals:

As always, in order to help you percolate the promo to your Customers and Resellers, we have prepared White-labeled mails that you can send across to them. You can also forward these White Labeled Mails to your Sub Resellers as Marketing Collateral for them to use.

White-labeled mails for Customers
White-labeled mails for Resellers

We hope to see you make the most of this Promo. Please feel free to get in touch with your LogicBoxes Account Manager for any further details that you may require.


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