OBox Maintenance Downtime Notice – 29th December 2007

Please be advised that the LogicBoxes System will be undergoing a planned downtime on 29th December, 2007 as per the Maintenance Window given below.

Why this downtime?

The Downtime has been scheduled for system upgradation and an extensive database migration. This downtime will ensure improved system performance, responsiveness and long term scalability.

The time frame for the migration has been selected after much deliberation and we have attempted to schedule it in a fashion that would cause our Registrars and their resellers and customers the least possible inconvenience. The 29th being on a weekend, allows us to make the necessary upgrades without significantly encroaching on regular business hours.

Also, we suggest that you and your Customers renew any Orders that might be up for Renewal before the 29th itself, in order to avoid them from expiring on account of the Downtime.

Maintenance Window

Date: 29th December, 2007
Maintenance Start Time: 02:30 GMT
Estimated Maintenance Duration: 20 Hours
Affected Services: Storefront, SuperSite, PartnerSite, Control Panels, Whois Service, API Service

During this downtime, you and your Customers/Sub-Resellers will not be able to purchase Products or Services, or login to the Control Panel to make modifications to the Services. However, this downtime shall have no impact on the working of any of the Products or Services purchased from us.

We suggest that you inform your Resellers and Customers about this downtime so that they too may accommodate for the same.

We completely understand and regret the inconvenience caused by this downtime to you. However, this is a necessary step that needs to be taken in the larger interest of our Partners such as yourself.

Please feel free to get back to us, should you require any further information or clarification.