OrderBox Registrar Dashboard Revamped

After months of analyzing user behavior, digging deep into numbers, speaking to Registrars and endlessly debating features and functionality, we’re extremely happy to present a utilitarian Dashboard that is crafted to bring out all the essential data and functions for our power users.

With a minimalistic, yet fresh design, the new OrderBox Dashboard comes reloaded with a host of new additions:

  1. Funds Overview
    Always be abreast of your Available Balance, Locked Funds and Pending Payments for effective Funds management. Also, Adding Funds is now available at your fingertips!
  2. Easy Management of Orders
    Now, don’t miss a single expiring order, as we’ve brought it out to help you take immediate action. Also, you can view a ready list of your latest Orders with one-click access to them. Replete with the “Preview” button, the Dashboard makes Order management a breeze.
  3. Attractive display of Promos
    Display of ongoing Promotions has been spruced up to rightfully bring some focus to them. Additionally, the Dashboard will now only display the latest announcement to increase impact and maintain an easy, clutter-free look.
  4. And of course, simpler Search
    All combined into one pronounced search bar, you can now look up any Order, Sub-Reseller or Customer by simply selecting the entity from the drop down.

And the enhancements don’t just stop here! We have gone one step further and rethought ease of use to introduce two of the most essential functions in a global avatar:

  1. Global Search – Access Orders, Customers and Sub-Resellers from anywhere in the Control Panel with our global search on the black bar.
  2. Funds Summary – This small but useful blurb helps you keep a constant tab on your Funds to make sure none of your Orders get stuck. Also, Adding Funds is now globally accessible with this little blurb.

If you have any questions about these new upgrades or about our agile development processes, feel free to comment and let us know!


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