ICANN Announcements

ICANN CEO Speaks at Opening of Internet Governance Forum

RIO DE JANEIRO : Dr Paul Twomey, President and CEO of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, took part in today’s opening session of the 2007 Internet Governance Forum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

“The Internet Governance Forum brings together a diverse group of individuals in the aim of sharing knowledge and experience over and about this one global interoperable Internet,” Dr Twomey said.

ICANN Announcements

Implementation of Registrar Data Escrow Program

ICANN has concluded negotiations and entered into an agreement with Iron Mountain Intellectual Property Management, Inc. to provide escrow services under ICANN’s Registrar Data Escrow (RDE) program. ICANN selected Iron Mountain through a competitive Request for Proposals process concluded earlier this year.

Under the data escrow provision of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA), all ICANN-accredited registrars must regularly deposit a backup copy of their gTLD registration data with ICANN through ICANN’s arrangement with Iron Mountain or they may elect to use a Third Party Provider of RDE services that has been approved by ICANN. The data held in escrow may be released to ICANN upon termination of a registrar’s accreditation agreement or expiration of the accreditation agreement without renewal to facilitate transfer of registrations from the failed registrar to another registrar. ICANN plans to have all accredited registrars enrolled in the RDE program within the next six months.

“The vast majority of ICANN-accredited registrars offer high levels of service and integrity,” said Dr. Paul Twomey, ICANN’s President and CEO. “But as we have seen, there is the risk that a poorly performing registrar can hurt registrants significantly. ICANN’s Registrar Data Escrow program provides an important additional layer of protection for registrants.”

ICANN and Iron Mountain will begin enrolling registrars in the RDE program immediately. Registrars who elect to use Iron Mountain’s escrow service will be required to enter into a standardized agreement with ICANN and Iron Mountain [PDF, 49K]. Escrow agents who wish to apply for approval as a Third Party Provider (TPP) should review ICANN’s TPP Approval Criteria [PDF, 21K] and TPP Approval Process Diagram [PDF, 121K], and submit a completed TPP Application [PDF, 21K, MS Word, 61K] to ICANN. All registrars and escrow agents must comply with ICANN’s RDE Specifications [PDF, 33K].


.NET Pricing Details

Please note that the .NET Pricing of USD 3.85 that you avail from Verisign does not include the ICANN fees that the Registry is supposed to pay ICANN as per their Agreement. This ICANN fee amounts to USD 0.75 and is charged separately per domain year added.

We urge you to check your .NET pricing accordingly and accommodate for this ICANN fee if this has not been done already. To make things simpler for you, your .NET Pricing includes:

USD 3.85 Registry Fee + USD 0.75 Registry ICANN Fee + USD 0.20 Registrar ICANN Fee + LogicBoxes Fee

We hope that this information proves useful. As always, feel free to contact your LogicBoxes Account Manager for any assistance that you may need.


Changes to our JP Morgan Chase Bank Account Details

Please be informed that we will stop accepting payments to our old account from 15th November onwards. Hence we suggest that you update the following new details at your end, and use the same for any LogicBoxes account related transactions henceforth:

Beneficiary Details
Name: Payment Processing Inc
Address: 14525 SW Millikan,
#48866 Beaverton, OR 97005-2343,
United States.

Bank Details
Name: JP Morgan Chase Bank
Bank Address: Exxon Bldg., 1251 Avenue of the Americas,
New York, NY 10020.
A/c No: 749226072
Swift Number: BIC – CHASUS33

Once again, Please use ONLY the above given details for all further transactions related to our JP Morgan Chase Bank Account.

As always, please feel free to contact your LogicBoxes Account Manager for any further assistance that you may need.

Press Releases

LogicBoxes and Skenzo Sponsor ICANN Meet in Los Angeles

Monday, 29th October 2007: LogicBoxes (http://www.logicboxes.com), the Software & Consulting division for Web service providers along with Skenzo (http://www.skenzo.com) – the Domain Monetization brand from the Directi Group (http://www.directi.com) announced today that they are one of the official sponsors for the ICANN meet to be held in San Juan, Los Angeles between 29th October to 2nd November 2007. LogicBoxes and Skenzo have been declared partners for the quarterly ICANN meet for the fifth consecutive time.

“LogicBoxes and Skenzo’s association with ICANN meets has been consistent and stead-fast. We have been virtually sponsoring every ICANN meet for the past couple of years. ICAAN meet is a great opportunity for us to connect with our customers, most of whom are ICANN-accredited registrars, large Web hosts and registries and interact with them on a platform as large as this,” said Bhavin Turakhia, CEO, LogicBoxes.

“ICANN meets are great for networking with the industry. Apart from getting a heads up about the various business models and trends in the industry, we also aim to reach out to a larger target audience and focus on complete customer satisfaction for all out clients from around the world,” said Divyank Turakhia, President, Skenzo.

LogicBoxes is software and Consultancy Company for Web service providers and Registrars and its software powers the backend of several ICANN Accredited Registrars, Domain Resellers and thousands of Web Service Providers worldwide. The world class LogicBoxes Hostex platform offers Registrars and Web hosts a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, a ready-made private labeled website, a complete business process automation suite, a set of multi-lingual private-labeled control panels for resellers and customers and a full-control API. LogicBoxes Hostex is multi-tier and supports an infinite reseller chain. The platform already powers the backend for over 45 ICANN Registrars, several ccTLD Registrars and thousands of Web Hosting Companies worldwide.

Skenzo’s domain monetization program is used by a large number of ICANN Accredited Domain Registrars that currently monetize their internet traffic. The company was also recently awarded with the “Best Click Program” at the TRAFFIC conference in Miami. It is the oldest company in the market that has been building technology that specializes in monetizing registrar traffic. Skenzo’s program gives registrars a stable, ever-increasing, substantially large revenue stream, over and above the profits made by just selling just domains. Its automated systems, specifically geared for Registrar traffic, analyze domain names on a real-time basis and deliver remarkably relevant commercial content.

Both LogicBoxes and Skenzo have been active sponsors and participants in various ICANN meets in the past. For more details visit: http://www.logicboxes.com and http://www.skenzo.com.

About LogicBoxes

LogicBoxes is a Software Development and Consulting Company with its primary focus on developing, deploying and managing business process automation solutions for the Domain Registration and Web Hosting Industry. Its Product portfolio represents complete automation of all business processes of Web Hosting / Domain Registration / Dedicated Server companies of all sizes. All LogicBoxes Products represent years of research, knowledge and market experience in various facets of the Web Hosting industry.

About Skenzo

Skenzo (www.skenzo.com), a DirectI Group Business (www.directi.com), develops and operates a diversified range of products catering towards the online advertising industry. It focuses on leveraging technology innovations to maximize profitability for web publishers, and to effectively connect online advertisers with a vast range of media vehicles. Skenzo currently offers products for monetizing Domain name and Email traffic. Skenzo’s Domain Monetization Program is designed to deliver maximum revenue from parked domain names with zero investment and no additional resources. When internet users type-in an inactive domain name in their browsers, they typically see an error page or an under construction notice. This program allows domain owners to monetize this space and unlock the true value of their domains.