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Partner Focus – Active Domain


Today’s partner in focus is one of the largest Domain Resellers in Singapore – Active Domain. Active Domain LLP has been a partner with LogicBoxes since 2007 and they’re one of our biggest partners in the Asia-Pacific region. On the occasion of them completing 10 years with us, we had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Tom Ho at Active Domain LLP about his thoughts on the partnership with LogicBoxes, his journey so far and his plans moving forward.

  1. What were your requirements while getting onboard the LogicBoxes platform?
    Tom: We were in a need for a reliable registrar partner who could support our large customer base and the number of domains being managed by us. There were a bunch of similar platform providers in the industry but most of them did not fulfill our needs like LogicBoxes did. We were fully convinced of their competency and capability.
  2.  What were the challenges that you were facing to meet these requirements?
    Tom: There have been constant changes by ICANN in the recent years, with increasing demands on compliance and other legal and technical requirements were turning out to be a bit of a task for us considering our limited resources. LogicBoxes played a vital role in helping us face these challenges and overcome them with efficiency.
  3. Why did you choose LogicBoxes?
    Tom: LogicBoxes is known in the industry for supporting ICANN registrars for many years and is known for their robust and reliable system. In addition to this, they have a team of very supportive and accommodating management staff who are a pleasure to work with.
  4. What exactly did LogicBoxes do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?
    Tom: With the help of LogicBoxes’ robust and extensive platform, we were able to offer a bunch of Value Added Services to our customers on a single interface. This is something we were unable to achieve in the past. Also, due to their efficiency in handling all the technicalities, we were able to focus more on marketing our services to our customers and growing our business multi-fold.
  5. What are some of the most significant improvements that have resulted from your partnership with LogicBoxes?
    Tom: We are able to offer seamless integration of various Value Added Services to our customers as well as a billing system that covers all of that.
  6. What is the current status of your company (post your partnership with LogicBoxes)?
    Tom: We are using LogicBoxes exclusively currently and would likely to do so for the foreseeable future.
  7. If you were to recommend LogicBoxes to other players in our industry, what would you say about us?
    Tom: We strongly recommend LogicBoxes for their very reliable service, efficient technical support, and an understanding management team for your business.

That’s all from Active Domain, our Partner in Focus for this time. Do watch out this space for more updates from our other Partners!

Simran Mehta
Simran Mehta
Simran is the youngest member of our Marketing team, at a whopping 21 years old! When she is not eagerly waiting for the weekend to head out and party, she handles all Social Media and Online Reputation Management for LogicBoxes.