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CloudFest: Yet Another Successful Show!

Monthly Bulletin

The whole of last week feels like a blur because we really can’t seem to figure where did the CloudFest days go! Being our most favourite conference in the entire year, we expected our time in Rust to be nothing short of spectacular; and guess what, it far exceeded our expectations!

As is the case every year, this time too was all about meeting our partners and friends at our booth, conversing with experts from the Cloud and Hosting sphere, forging new friendships at networking parties, and also, booth hopping. But now that we’re back to our desks, we’d like to take a moment to thank you all for dropping by our booth.

To sum it all up, we are collating a list of the top 5 highlights that made CloudFest a wonderful conference for us:

1. Meeting our Partners

Monthly Bulletin

We’ve always believed that meeting our partners, in person, definitely is the highlight of being present at conferences. No amount of Skype calls or emails can compare with the clarity that both parties get when important matters are discussed face-to-face. Speaking of which, we got some really quality face time with most of our clients from the European region, few of whom we met for the first time!

2. Our Talk at the speed.SESSION

Monthly Bulletin

Eeshaan Satwalekar, Head of Business Development at LogicBoxes, delivered an insightful talk titled ‘Demystifying ICANN Accreditation’, wherein he covered all the important aspects of ICANN Accreditation – concerns, advantages and the process.

3. Free Caricatures for Everyone!

Monthly Bulletin

Our booth looked bright and shiny as we arrived at the fair area. We thought of doing something crazy this time for all those who walk in at our booth; and that materialized into making and handing out wonderful caricatures to each one of them.

4. Raffle Draw

Monthly Bulletin

We decided to kick things up a notch by having people drop their cards at our booth which gave them a chance to win an Apple Watch Series 3 at the end of the conference. Here’s Fabian Eschrich from Faesch Software, the winner of our raffle draw, smiling ear-to-ear on winning the prize.

5. Geeky Goodies

Monthly Bulletin

Conferences are incomplete without attendees collecting a good amount of schwag items. To ensure everyone left the booth with smiling faces, we gave away some geeky goodies including items such as laptop camera protectors, pen drives and luggage tags to all the booth walk-ins. We loved how these would disappear as soon as they were laid on the counter!

CloudFest continued to delight us right from day #1 and only kept getting better as it progressed. We’re positive that this conference was just as fruitful for you, as it was for us. Here’s hoping that you have a fantastic year ahead and that we get to meet you again at CloudFest next year!

Neha Mestry
Neha Mestry
Neha is the face behind the entire content strategy on our blog. While perfectly defining the word ‘reserved’, she can make you a doodle for anything possible. Any. Thing. Ever.

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