Update to Paypal Standard Checkout Gateway

We have always prioritized giving you a secure environment to conduct your business. With the increasing number of online frauds, and as another step towards mitigating those frauds, we have made certain modifications to the PayPal Standard Checkout Gateway integration in your Control Panel. This is being done in order to enhance the security of PayPal transactions throughout your chain.

The following modifications have been made:
From here on, it is required that you (as well as any of your sub-resellers that have integrated PayPal Standard Checkout Gateway), ensure that your ‘Primary Email ID’ at PayPal is the same as your ‘PayPal Account Username’ in the PayPal integration form in your Control Panel. In case the two email addresses aren’t the same, the transaction will be marked as Auth Pending by our system and you will have to manually approve or decline it.

For your Customers’ / Sub-resellers’ PayPal transactions to get automatically approved, put:

Your ‘Primary Email ID’ at PayPal = ‘PayPal Account Username’ in the PayPal integration form in your LogicBoxes Control Panel.

We request you to check your settings within your account and either modify the Primary Email Id at PayPal to the Email Id you have entered as your PayPal username with us or vice versa.

In order to change your PayPal Username in your Control Panel, you need to go to

Settings >> Finance and Billing >> Payment Gateway >> List / Add

You could also refer to our KnowledgeBase for more information on this. For your convenience, we have prepared a White Labeled Mail that you could use to inform your sub-resellers about this change.

For more information on this, feel free to drop in a line to your Account Manager. Additionally, we strongly recommend that you pass on this information to all your sub-resellers at the earliest possible.