Webinar for New gTLDs – Last-Mile Strategy: Connect with Your Real Customers!

This is the age of the Customer. It has become imperative for companies today to have a customer-centric approach to sustain and succeed in the market. This is an approach that we strongly believe New gTLD Registries can adopt to differentiate themselves and succeed.

Today, Registrars are finding it difficult to focus on all New gTLDs and are choosing to sell lucrative, generic New gTLDs primarily. This poses a challenge to the niche New gTLDs that don’t make it to the top selling list. To overcome this hurdle, Registries need to equip themselves with means to sell their extensions directly to the end customers. In other words, Registries must embrace the Direct-to-Customer model (in addition to the classic Registrar model) to avoid losing out on customers and sales. And the domain industry has already seen some strong examples of Registries that have benefitted from embracing a combination of the Registry-Registrar model and the Direct-to-Customer model.

Join us for a webinar about “New gTLD Last-Mile Strategy – Connect with Your Real Customers!” on October 7, 2015. Through this webinar, we aim to throw light upon the success stories of Registries who have achieved new heights of success by making this bold move. Apart from this, we will also discuss newer opportunities and strategies that New gTLD Registries can make use of to widen the reach of their New gTLDs.

Benefits of attending the Webinar:

  • Learn about different cases of New gTLD Adoption
  • Understand what’s common amongst successful Niche Brands
  • Gain insights from success stories of other New gTLDs

Seats for the webinar are limited, so secure a seat today and take advantage of this great opportunity!


Divyanshu Dhruw
Divyanshu Dhruw