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CloudFest is over, but the hangover remains!

Hello, we’re LogicBoxes and we provide…

Hey, how have you been? It’s so great to see you again at CloudFest!

Congratulations on the new product launch!

Quick smoke?”

Those are just some of the many conversation-starters from CloudFest which are still ringing in our ears. The hustle and bustle that makes CloudFest the most productive and the most happening conference of the year is all over now. But what remains is the wonderful memories (and freebies from the booths) that we carried with us back home. Since we’re missing CloudFest so much, we thought we’d relive the last week along with you through some pictures!

1. New booth location, new offerings

After nearly 7 years of exhibiting at our old booth spot, we moved to a new location this year and may we say that luck was on our side – the location worked out really well for us. Also, our backdrop spoke of a new offering; do you remember?


2. Meeting our Partners

We’ve said this time and again, and we’ll say it again – meeting our clients in person is the most delightful experience ever. Emails, phone, and Skype calls all throughout the year are okay, but nothing can beat one-on-one conversations!


3. You got your caricature from our booth!

After receiving an overwhelming response with the caricatures last year, we thought of bringing them back this year as well. We may have met a lot of you guys purely due to the pull of these caricatures and we’re grateful for that.


4. Our booth activities were “lit” – literally!

Freddie Rutz, a brilliant entertainer, mesmerized our booth walk-ins with his jaw-dropping tricks. Be it playing with fire or simply engaging the audiences with his talks –  he left people startled!


CloudFest was phenomenal as always, and we’d like to thank you all for dropping by our booth and adding to our delight. We hope that this conference resulted into some really meaningful business opportunities for you. Have a fruitful year ahead, and we’ll hopefully see you again at CloudFest 2020!

Until next year,

Team LogicBoxes


Neha Mestry
Neha Mestry
Neha is the face behind the entire content strategy on our blog. While perfectly defining the word ‘reserved’, she can make you a doodle for anything possible. Any. Thing. Ever.

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