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TLD Tuesdays (Vol. 4): .TRAVEL

We’re back with yet another edition of TLD Tuesdays, and our TLD in focus today is .TRAVEL.

The travel industry has flourished by leaps and bounds over the past few years. What used to be a luxury before, has now become a way of life. People are giving up on full-time jobs to take up traveling as a full-time activity. “Wanderlust” is the new drug of choice and all of this has brought about exponential growth in the travel industry.

Luckily for the world, we have a TLD that perfectly defines the travel & tourism industry as well as those who are associated with the world of travel. Let’s dive right into the significance and the relevance of this TLD without any further ado, shall we?

A Little History on .TRAVEL

Introduced in 2005, .TRAVEL is a sponsored top-level domain managed by Donuts Inc. with a whopping 17,893 .TRAVEL domains under their management. This TLD is available for registrations through accredited Registrars.

Who is .TRAVEL meant for?
  • Businesses and startups in the travel & tourism industry
  • Businesses who produce or plan to produce travel-related content
  • Travel bloggers
  • Adventure guides
  • Travel service providers viz. Airlines, cab and bus services, and the likes
Why should you sell .TRAVEL?

For businesses in the travel and tourism industry, .TRAVEL makes for the most effective way to establish an identity for these businesses that best explain their value proposition. For bloggers, this TLD helps to spike interest in the website visitors’ minds since they can easily identify the bloggers’ affiliation with the industry and proceed to consume their website content. Most importantly, .TRAVEL hits the bull’s eye when it comes to SEO rankings.

The travel & tourism industry has found its way to the internet and it has made a home here. Even the oldest travel agencies are getting online to reach an audience that is waiting for their next trip. With a healthy appetite for travel needs, it is only natural for businesses to satiate these needs through their service offerings. While we have a perfect TLD such as .TRAVEL in existence, why should any travel & tourism business use any other domain extension?

Owing to the significance of this TLD, we highly recommend you to start offering .TRAVEL and watch the domain names fly off your shelf like never before!

Until next Tuesday,

Team LogicBoxes

Neha Mestry
Neha Mestry
Neha is the face behind the entire content strategy on our blog. While perfectly defining the word ‘reserved’, she can make you a doodle for anything possible. Any. Thing. Ever.

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