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LogicBoxes’ VPS now LIVE with SSD

We’re pleased to announce the addition of a new plan to our existing product – VPS Hosting. Concisely, what differentiates this plan from the rest is the fact that it comes without a default Control Panel. This means, users will now have more control and flexibility with full root access.

Our feature-rich VPS servers boast of SSD storage, instant provisioning and high security. To deep dive into the technical specifications and features, continue reading:

Key Features

  • SSD Storage
    • Beefier servers mean more Computer Memory with SSD-based storage. Get quicker access time and lower latency with lightning fast SSD Storage
  • HyperVisor Technology
    • The Hypervisor technology ensures better isolation and security without hampering the performance in any way with HyperVisor Technology.
  • Free Neustar DDoS Protection
    • Neustar’s DDoS protection service keeps the network protected, thereby minimizing the risk of downtimes in the event of any unforeseen DDoS attacks
  • Quick VNC Access
    • Get complete operational control with dedicated panels for server operations (Start, Stop. Restart & SSH/VNC access)
  • SSH Key Manager
    • Manage multiple SSH public keys in one place and add them to the servers under any user’s account.
  • Multiple Operating Systems
    • Offer great flexibility to build a perfect layered environment with the widest range of Linux versions: CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora
  • WHMCS & Add-ons
    • Boost the performance by adding another layer of Hosting (cPanel, Plesk) and Billing (WHMCS) panels, and Dedicated IP addresses.
  • 24×7 Support
    • Our expert team of specialized System Admin support works round the clock and is available to assist you with issues ranging from basic set-up and installation to complex investigation and resolution


Technical Specifications

SSD-based Storage
With its remarkable characteristic of reducing the access time and latency significantly, SSD storage ensures high performance as well as lightning-fast speed.

Blade Micro Servers
Known for high performance, reliability and great flexibility, these powerful Supermicro Blade Servers boast of hot-swappable nodes and redundant power supplies which ensure quick recovery in the event of any failure.

Juniper Networks
Our VPS is powered by a robust network infrastructure bearing redundant Tier-1 ISPs and high-grade Juniper Networks devices

We use OpenStack for automated and instant management of our VPS and Dedicated servers for quick provisioning and seamless management of the battery of servers


Who is this for?

  • Personal Users who:
    • Run personal blog or website
    • Require higher resources and/or dedicated environment for customizations
    • Learning product or small projects for short durations
  • Small Businesses who:
    • Run an application or website for own company/clients
    • Who want to upgrade from Shared Hosting
    • Require higher resources and/or dedicated environment for customizations
  • Web Hosts who:
    • Are interested in offering Web Hosting to their clients
    • Who want to upgrade from Reseller Hosting
    • Require higher resources and/or dedicated environment for customizations
  • Developers who:
    • Want to build and setup application with advanced configurations like clusters, master-slave, private networking
    • Want to create, run, demo and test the new application
    • Want to experiment with the application in a new environment
    • Want an intermediary server before transitioning to an enterprise grade environment


Why should you sell?

  • It’s better than Shared Hosting
  • It’s a cost-effective solution
  • It minimizes overheads
  • It boasts of improved scalability
  • Allows seamless testing of applications
  • Offers dedicated resources for CMS
  • Comes with load balancer for tackling failovers

With the best specifications, state-of-the-art technology and a power-packed product configuration, our VPS Hosting plans are sure to keep you ahead of your competition as well as your customers happy. With all the selling interfaces readily made available by us, provisioning of this product will require minimum efforts from your end.

We hope you make the most of this lucrative product. Happy selling!



Anand Surve
Anand Surve
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