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Launching Linux Dedicated Server India!

We love making provisions that guarantee ease of business and enhanced efficiency for our partners, and in our efforts to do so, we have successfully launched Linux Dedicated Server India!

The addition of India as one of our geo-locations for Linux Dedicated Server is a thoughtful move. We all know that the internet market in India is booming by leaps and bounds. To add to that, new startups are making their debut every single day. This makes India a high-potential and a strategically fitting datacenter location. Additionally, our Linux Dedicated Server India comes with its own set of advantages:

  • Lower Latency: The location of the server has a significant impact on website performance. For your clients that operate websites attracting heavy traffic from India, our Linux Dedicated Server India option ensures blazing fast page loads and enhanced website performance.
  • Full Root Access: With full-root server access, users have the liberty to install various modules and scripts. In other words, users have complete control.
  • Instant Provisioning: Proprietary Provisioning System is used to ensure that the server is ready instantly, without the 24-hour wait and setup fees. This means that your customers can go LIVE with their Dedicated Server package as soon as their order is completed.
  • Superfast Processors: Users have the ability to easily mine large data sets in minutes with our ultra-fast Intel Xeon Dual Core and Quad Core processors.
  • Free Dedicated IPs: Every user gets 2 free dedicated IPs with every package, in addition to 1 primary IP.
  • SEO Advantage: Since response time is a crucial factor for SEO, it’s safe to say that locally hosted websites tend to rank higher in search results. For your Indian customer-base, this new geolocation is a critical advantage which will help them boost visits to their websites.

Our plans & pricing for Linux Dedicated Server India are sure to make you competitive and profitable while offering a markedly superior product, as compared to your competition. We hope that you make the most of this promising product by offering it to your customers right away.

Happy selling!

Neha Mestry
Neha Mestry
Neha is the face behind the entire content strategy on our blog. While perfectly defining the word ‘reserved’, she can make you a doodle for anything possible. Any. Thing. Ever.

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