New Branding Interfaces on OrderBox

We’ve revamped the ‘Branding Settings’ interfaces on the Registrar and Reseller Control Panels.

Earlier text-heavy pages have been given a cleaner, crisper and lighter look. With this new design, we’ve clubbed all branding-related tasks under one central section. Further sub-sections can be easily accessed by a navigation bar on the left.

We have clubbed these existing branding-related sections into one global space:

  • SuperSite and PartnerSite Branding
  • Control Panel Branding
  • Control Panel – Shopping Cart Integration Settings
  • Name Server Branding
  • URL Branding

Ed’s note: Yes, OrderBox is very customizable 😉

Our main focus has been on simplifying the branding tasks by:

  • Providing visually descriptive screenshots/icons to explain branding functions
  • Revamping architecture of pages for Registrars and Resellers so that they can easily navigate to all branding tasks
  • Simplifying and organizing functions into short easy steps
  • Creating no-frills interfaces, with only necessary information to perform tasks
  • Providing descriptive help information for better guidance

This is now live in OrderBox!

Amreen Bhujwala
Amreen Bhujwala
Arsenal, Per Mertesacker and Product Marketing form the three core parts of Amreen’s day to day life. A former goalkeeper for a local football club, Amreen is one of the friendliest bookworms you’ll ever come across.

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