Verisign Domain Name Industry Brief – Dec’11

The latest Domain Name Industry Brief by Verisign is out. Here’s a list of key highlights from the report:


  • Q3’2011 closed with nearly 220 Million domain registrations across all TLDs
  • This is an increase of 4.9 Million domains (2.3%) over the second quarter
  • The ccTLD base grew to 86.9 million domain names, a 2.7% increase quarter over quarter and a 9.8% increase year over year in the base

Top 10 TLDs

  • The 6 largest TLDs in terms of base size are .COM, .DE, .NET, .UK, .ORG and .INFO
  • .TK is a surprise entry in 7th postion; primarily because .tk domains are available for free
  • .NL, .RU and .EU are the last 3 TLDs (in order) that make it to the Top 10 TLD list
  • Notably, .CN has slipped out of the Top 10 TLD list

Total Domain Name Registrations

You can view the entire Verisign Report here.

Pic Courtesy Verisign DNIB Report


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