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Exciting Promos & Launches this October!

Like every month, we’re back with a fresh set of promotional offers on some of the top performing TLDs. Get your sales game strong with these exciting new offers, this October!


  • .FUTBOL – Football/Soccer is one of the most enjoyed sports all over the globe. ‘Futbol’ is one of the most popular terms used to signify the word ‘Football’ and is recognized in most languages. This TLD is perfect for fanatics, organizations, bloggers & teams who are interested in expanding or supporting the soccer community. If your customers are keen about this sport, you’d definitely want to offer this TLD to them today!
    Promo Price: $3.49
  • .DANCE – For those interested in hip-hop, jazz funk, belly dancing or any other form of dance, this TLD is the perfect choice for them. This TLD is usually utilized by dance studio owners, dance instructors or anyone who’s trying to spread love through dance. If your customer is one of them, offer them this exciting promo price today!

    Promo Price: $3.49

  • .REVIEWS – For customers who have extensive knowledge or first-hand experience about a particular subject or product and would like to share it with others, this domain extension is perfect for them to share their views on the internet.
    Promo Price: $6.49
  • .NEWS –  In today’s world, most of the people get their news from the internet, either through blogs, forums or other social media channels.  .NEWS is the perfect way for any news organisation or forum to reach out to their target audience and build its identity.
    Promo Price: $5.99

In addition to the aforementioned TLDs, we have a bunch of active TLD promos on our Promos page. Please note all these promotions are applicable on new registrations only.

We hope you make the most of these offers while they last. Happy selling!


The availability of numerous new TLDs has made it easier for many SMBs to expand their business over the internet and to reach out to the correct target audience effortlessly, .TRAVEL is such TLD.

.TRAVEL is short & will help add professionalism to your customer’s brand and also helps improve their search engine rank with the use of the attractive ‘TRAVEL’ keyword in the URL itself.

Help your globetrotters earn some bucks with this fun & exciting TLD!

Start selling today!


Simran Mehta
Simran Mehta
Simran is the youngest member of our Marketing team, at a whopping 21 years old! When she is not eagerly waiting for the weekend to head out and party, she handles all Social Media and Online Reputation Management for LogicBoxes.