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Partner Focus – Reclaim Hosting

Our Partner in Focus for this edition is Reclaim Hosting, a Domains and Hosting company founded in 2013. Reclaim Hosting aims at simplifying the procedure for educators and institutions of providing their students with domains and web hosting that they can fully take control of.

In this short interview with Tim Owens, co-founder of Reclaim Hosting tells us about how LogicBoxes helped to achieve their goals.

  1. What were your requirements while getting onboard the LogicBoxes platform?
    We started out our business with a competitor to LogicBoxes that had a decent API and WHMCS integration, but we found some of the toolings for management very lacking. For us, the key items that convinced us a move to LogicBoxes was worthwhile were a robust API for all features, a streamlined and usable management interface, and excellent support when we needed assistance.
  2. What were the challenges that you were facing to meet these requirements?
    For any business that handles more than a small handful of domains migrating to a new registrar can be a major ordeal. We decided to run both our old registrar and new registrar in tandem while having all new transactions handled by LogicBoxes. We still have some legacy domains on the old platform but the large majority are now with LogicBoxes.
  3. What exactly did LogicBoxes do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?
    LogicBoxes has been excellent at support, readily available to answer questions and provide insight into our account as we grow. In moving from a few hundred domains to several thousand, the system has scaled with our growth and made it a wonderful solution for us.
  4. What are some of the most significant improvements that have resulted from your partnership with LogicBoxes?
    For us the greatest improvement was better insight into the lifecycle of a domain, understanding what TLDs were available to us, dates of expiration & grace periods. A lot of information like that has been hard to come by with a lack of definitive answers in the past and LogicBoxes has been incredibly helpful at making that knowledge readily available.
  5. What’s the current status of your company (post your partnership with LogicBoxes)?
    We’re growing steadily year over year and a happy LogicBoxes customer today!
  6. If you were to recommend LogicBoxes to other players in our industry, what would you say about us?
    I feel like LogicBoxes excels where it matters most as a service provider that allows for easy white-labeling via API. The amount of tooling and robust management interface have been a huge help and any company small, large, or anywhere in-between would be served well to consider you all to complement their platform.

That’s all from Reclaim Hosting, our Partner in Focus for this time. Do watch this space for more updates from our other Partners!

Simran Mehta
Simran Mehta
Simran is the youngest member of our Marketing team, at a whopping 21 years old! When she is not eagerly waiting for the weekend to head out and party, she handles all Social Media and Online Reputation Management for LogicBoxes.