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Why We Love Premium Domains (And You Should, Too!)


Imagine that the Domains provisioning business is akin to a virtual real estate business. Much like all the properties in prime locations and high resale values, good domain names too are usually taken. In this market where the repository of all the good and high-value domain names is slowly getting depleted, the option of investing in Premium Domains comes as a boon.

In our efforts to enable our partners to reap the fruits of premium domains, we have now partnered with one of the leading domain platforms for buying and selling – Sedo. Our other two Domains aftermarket partners are Afternic and BuyDomains.


What are Premium Domains?

Premium Domains are short, easy to recall, intuitive and meaningful keyword-rich domain names that come at heavier registration prices as compared to their non-premium counterparts. They are highly sought after products due to their capabilities of earning a higher ROI.  

Owing to their lucrative characteristics, Premium Domains come with a higher perceived value than most and with heavy sale prices. When we say “heavy”, we mean that you can sell these for much higher prices than regular domain registrations; sometimes prices as high as 6 or 7-figured amounts!


Why should you sell Premium Domains?

Customers understand the critical role a great Domain Name can play in growing their business and hence, they are willing to pay higher sums for the right internet address. With more than 149 million .COM domains already registered, the need for Premium Domains continues to grow.

Besides, Premium domains also go a long way in boosting your customers’ web presence further because of the following factors:

LogicBoxes: Benefits of Premium Domains to End Customers


Classification of Premium Domains

Premium Domain sales, essentially, can be broadly classified into two categories and both these options come with their own set of premium returns:

#1: Registry Premiums

These are domain names that have been identified as premium strings by their Registries before they are made available in the market. The selling prices are set by the Registry itself. These are not a part of the aftermarket universe.

#2: Aftermarket Premiums

These are domain names that have already been registered previously and are then made available for purchase in secondary domain marketplaces. The selling prices are set by the domain owners. On purchase, these domains are transferred over to the new registrant.


What’s new?

With Afternic and BuyDomains already on board, we have successfully expanded our portfolio of aftermarket domain marketplaces by integrating SEDO, one of the leading platforms for domain trading, in OrderBox!


What does this mean for you?

Sedo stands for ‘Search Engine for Domain Offers’. True to its name, it is a globally preferred “secondary market” for trading domains, housing over 19 million domains on its platform.

Once you sign up for Premium Domains, your domain search starts fetching relevant Premium Domain Name options from our aftermarket providers. These options form a part of the domain search results whenever the customer runs a search for a domain name.

It’s time you optimize this opportunity!

Signing up for Premium Domains can truly prove to be a game-changer for you considering the huge value that they promise against minimal investments. LogicBoxes helps you in hopping on to the premium domain wagon with a simple 3-step sign-up process.

To know more about our Premium Domains program, you can get in touch with us at [email protected].


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