TLD Tuesdays (Vol 1): .BLOG

We all know that TLDs form the nucleus of this huge web presence industry that we are a part of. Ever since ICANN accepted its first round of TLD applications, the world of internet has grown by leaps and bounds. However, the fact that there more than 1500 top-level domains present in the internet universe can also mean that not all end-customers are familiar with all the TLDs.

With a view to bridging this gap between unawareness and adoption, we have come up with an interesting way of ensuring that the audiences get to hear as much as they can about the many TLDs that exist, one TLD at a time. We’re calling this series ‘TLD Tuesdays’, which is quite…self-explanatory?

The TLD in focus on this Tuesday is .BLOG. Let’s get started:


A little history on .BLOG

Introduced back in 2016, .BLOG was sponsored by a web development corporation – Automattic Inc., which also owns WordPress. It was intended to become the TLD of choice for bloggers.

Over the years, technological progress has lead content pieces to travel from journals and diaries to weblogs a.k.a. blogs on the internet. With the growing appetite for learning and reading is equally matched by the enthusiasm of content creators, blogging has moved on from being a spare-time hobby to being a full-fledged career option.


Who is .BLOG meant for?

  • Individuals wanting to share their ideas, expertise, experiences, etc. with a larger community
  • Organizations wanting to share the human side of their business
  • E-stores wanting to share customer stories
  • Travel, tech, academic, art, literature, etc. enthusiasts wanting to share their knowledge with the world
  • Anyone and we mean anyone, wanting to build a community that allows the exchange of ideas and experiences


Why should you sell .BLOG?

Businesses, as well as individuals these days, are creating content that talks about their products, success stories, customer feedback and knowledge gained so as to establish a human bond in a space that’s completely driven by technology. With entrepreneurship and freelancing growing drastically, every brand, big or small, wants to tell their story and ensure that it’s head.

.BLOG stands for what it means – it’s a four-letter, succinct and easily understood domain extension which holds tremendous potential because it makes for a perfect option for people and brands who want to keep the conversation going. Over 60% of businesses use blogs to talk to their audiences which makes the remaining 40% your opportunity!

We hope this has helped you gain a decent understanding of what makes .BLOG such a relevant TLD in today’s times and why should you make the most of this opportunity by reselling the TLD. In case you want us to talk about specific TLDs, do let us know in the comments section below.

Until next Tuesday,

Team LogicBoxes.

Neha Mestry
Neha Mestry
Neha is the face behind the entire content strategy on our blog. While perfectly defining the word ‘reserved’, she can make you a doodle for anything possible. Any. Thing. Ever.

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