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2017: Year in Review

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As we welcome 2018, we’d like to take a moment to highlight some phenomenal developments that took place at our end in 2017. With every single launch, system update and promo that was announced, we’ve constantly endeavoured to deliver the best services possible. Here’s a recap of all the major activities from the past year:

  • New Products
    We added a bunch of new products to our extensive product suite so that you get to offer the best products to your customers and resellers. The following products were introduced in 2017:

  • New TLDs & Promos
    • The 6 New gTLDs viz., .ART, .FUN, .ECO, .LAT, .HEALTH and .TRAVEL, that we integrated in OrderBox last year, really piqued our resellers’ sales volumes. To have a look at our exhaustive domain name portfolio, click here.
  • New and Improved Features
    • Sedo LIVE on OrderBox: We partnered with SEDO, the world’s leading platform for domain buyers and sellers so that if you/your customers have listed domains on SEDO, you can conveniently transfer listed domains to the buyer using the pre-authorized fast transfer feature.
    • Primary Domain Name Change: We launched Primary Domain Name Change on OrderBox with the help of which you can now change the Primary Domain via the control panel (on the order overview page). Learn more
    • Renewal Reminder Email Process: We made a bunch of changes to our Renewal Reminder email process in order to adhere to ICANN’s expectations. Learn more
    • WHOIS Validation: As per ICANN’s WHOIS Accuracy program, we started validating telephone numbers (as per the ITU-T E.164 format) as well as began validating country zip codes. Learn more
    • Goods and Services Tax (GST): We made OrderBox GST-compliant to abide by new the tax policy introduced in India. Learn more
    • Updating our Terms of Service and other Agreements: Effective August 1, 2017, we revised our Terms of Service and other agreements to reflect a corporate organizational change and to make our Terms of Service better organized and easier to read. Learn more
    • Sales Tax Exemption ID for US clients: To comply with the United State tax laws, we added a component of Sales Tax to all applicable future invoices. Learn more
    • Update: Managing Email Addresses for PHP/ASP Mail Scripts: In the wake of the recent IP blacklists that we encountered on our system, we decided to take certain actions towards further strengthening our email security policies on the server. Learn more
    • WHOIS Validation Changes: We notified our clients about the several validation checks with respect to telephone numbers (as per the ITU-T E.164 format) that have been made mandatory under ICANN’s WHOIS Accuracy program. Learn more
    • Deprecating support for TLS v1.0: In order to ensure compliance with the latest security standards, we deprecated TLS v1.0 encryption on August 30. Learn more
    • Improvements to Domain Name Transfers and Change of Registrant process: Back in December 2016, ICANN implemented a new Transfer Policy that included a new change of Registrant procedure that all gTLD Registrars had to comply with. In order to ensure that our resellers didn’t have to face any issues, we made some technical changes to improve our processes while still remaining compliant with the Transfer Policy. Learn more
    • Introducing OrderBox Pulse: We deprecated and moved to a new and improved status page for updates related to all our products and services. Learn more
    • Enabling Designated Agent in OrderBox: The ICANN Transfer Policy allows the sponsoring registrar to serve as a Designated Agent (DA). Along with simplifying the change of registrant process, opting-in to use the Designated Agent facility enables fast and convenient contact modifications without the need for repeated authorization at every instance. Learn more
    • LogicBoxes’ India Payment Gateway Updates: We updated our payment options to include two new payment methods – CCAvenue and PayU. Find more details Learn more
  • System Updates
    • Launching Plesk Onyx: We successfully migrated to the latest and greatest version of Plesk till date – Plesk Onyx 17.5, which is being used as the Web Hosting module for our Windows Shared Hosting and Dedicated Windows products. Learn more
    • WHOIS Backend Migration: We migrated the back-end infrastructure for our WHOIS Service to another rack in continuation of our efforts to be PCI Compliant. Learn more
    • Deprecation of for Domain Lookups: We deprecated http[s]:// (say Endpoint_A) and http[s]:// (say Endpoint_B) for Domain Lookup API calls and replaced them with http[s]:// (New API Endpoint). Learn more
  • Conferences
    • 2017 was quite an “eventful” year for us. We began the year by attending NamesCon Global in January and then proceeded to attend ICANN58 | Copenhagen,, ICANN’s GDD Summit, ICANN59 | Johannesburg, WHD.usa 2017 and ICANN60 | Abu Dhabi. All of these conferences, as always, were full of networking, meetings with new prospects and existing clients, and getting a first-hand idea of all the latest trends dominating our industry. To read more about it, you can visit our blog.
  • New Blog Categories
    • We introduced 2 new blog categories – Monthly News Bulletin and Partner Focus, each aimed at giving the readers a comprehensive idea of what’s happening in the industry as well as what’s happening with our partners.

2017 was replete with product integrations, system enhancements and a lot of learning for us here at LogicBoxes. While we step into 2018 with greater zeal and determination, we only wish that our business partnerships continue to flourish and get stronger than before.

2018, we’re ready!

Neha Mestry
Neha Mestry
Neha is the face behind the entire content strategy on our blog. While perfectly defining the word ‘reserved’, she can make you a doodle for anything possible. Any. Thing. Ever.

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