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Why Choose LogicBoxes’ Domain Reseller Program

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Change is the only constant in life; and the same applies to brands too.

Change, as we know, is an essential driver of development. However, there are a few things that must remain consistent. One such thing, and a very important one, is the promise you offered your customers before they made their first purchase from you. It is that promise that sustains your customers’ unwavering faith in your brand.

Back in 2013, LogicBoxes made the promise of delivering an impeccable domain automation platform which would enable Domain Resellers as well as Web Hosts to provision lucrative and high-demand domain names along with other value-added products such as Web Hosting, Site Builders, Email solutions and Security Certificates. This was aimed at empowering these internet players with a wholesome product portfolio. The Elite Reseller Program was tailor-made for Web Hosting and Domain Name providers and was geared towards helping them achieve maximum growth in terms of revenue as well as market share.

Announcements, Articles

Supersize Your Web Presence Business

“Would you like some fries with that?”

The classic question that makes each one of us fall into the cross-selling trap!

Essentially, Web Hosting resellers like you can make the most of this technique because there already is a strong appetite for value-added services in the market. However, you must have the broadest assortment of products to offer because you cannot cross-sell if you don’t have enough products that intersect at a common point of requirement. There are a lot of high-margin web presence products which can be “served on the side” along with Web Hosting.

The first item on the menu has to be Domain Names as they bring the promise of customer stick-ability; something that Hosting plans alone cannot achieve. Next on the list is Collaboration Tools. Owing to an increase in the number of SMBs, the Cloud-based email category is growing at an exponential rate. Next will be DIY Website Builders. Websites still continue to hold their prominence over lazier options like social media pages. As a result, DIY Website Builders make for another lucrative offering. Just like dessert, we saved the best one for the last – SSL certificates. Cyber attacks such as Petya, Locky and Wannacry have made many website owners really want to cry. Offering SSL certificates will ensure that your product bundle is as wholesome as a multi-course meal.