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It’s Raining Promos This July!

July is here in full swing and we’ve got a bunch of exciting domain name promos which won’t burn a hole in your resellers’/customers’ pockets!

For the whole of July, you can offer your customers over 40 fun & attractive TLDs at heavily discounted prices.

What Promos are available this month?

Even though .COM & .NET continue to be the most sought after TLDs among the masses, new gTLDs are steadily making their way through.

Read on to know more about our latest additions for this month:

Who Can Use These TLDs?

– Are your customers looking at adding a personal touch to their blogs, businesses or websites? .ME domain is the perfect choice to help them carve their own memorable identity on the internet. It’s short, easy to remember and versatile.
Promo Price: $3.99

– This TLD is perfect for fashion enthusiasts who are looking to showcase their fashion skills or those who have the passion for all the latest trends that are ruling the fashion industry. Right from online boutiques to fashion bloggers, this domain is just the right pick.
Promo Price: $8.49

– The .GARDEN domain namespace is a designated platform for professional gardeners, landscape architects and urban designers. Offer this niche TLD to your customers who are looking at starting up their business in this profession. Hurry!
Promo Price: $6.49

– .COLLEGE is a non-restricted TLD, apt for all colleges, schools, universities or for institutes associated with knowledge. Apart from the obvious option, it also makes for an interesting TLD choice for campus-friendly businesses such as cafés, bookstores and stationary shops.
Promo Price: $6.99

Take a look at the top-most lucrative promos we have in store for you, in addition to the ones mentioned above:

TLD Promo Price
.ASIA $1.99
.CLUB $0.99
.INFO $3.99
.ONLINE (Global) $6.99
.ONLINE (Only India) INR 95
.ROCKS $2.99
.SPACE $3.69
*.STORE $5.99
.TOP $1.99
.WEBSITE $3.99

*.Store – Promo begins 8th July.

In addition to these, we have 5 renewal promos:

TLD Promo Price
*.TOP $4.99
.ONLINE $19.99
.WEBSITE $9.99
.SITE $14.99
.TECH $24.99

View our entire list of domain name promos here. We hope you make the most of these promos. Happy selling!

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ICANN Launches Website for new gTLDs is ICANN’s new micro-site dedicated to new gTLDs. According to ICANN, this new website is designed to provide quick and easy access to all aspects of the new gTLD process.

With the new website, ICANN has also released the latest draft of the Applicant Guidebook. You can view this document here. All the changes made since the last version of the Guidebook can be found in this pdf document.

It’s great to see ICANN making the path to new gTLDs even more clear!

Announcements, New gTLDs

.Approved – ICANN’s new gTLD Program

Singapore was the stage for one of ICANN’s most historic decisions. The new gTLD program was unanimously approved by the ICANN Board with a vote of 13 to 1 with 2 abstentions at its 41st International Meeting.
Being called the “Biggest Domain Name Expansion” in the history of the Internet, this move is expected to open the top level domain space to an unlimited number of extensions. Currently, there are about 22 generic TLDs (.com, .net, .org) and with the introduction of new gTLDs, this number is expected to shoot up considerably:

  • Brands will be able to register their extensions (.Google, .IBM, .Apple)
  • Large cities will be able to register their own extensions (.NYC)
  • Trade organizations can register extensions like .restaurant and .cafe
  • Generic extensions like .gamers, .comics, etc. will be scooped up as well

The decision brings a successful end to years of discussions and deliberations between people and organizations that belong to the community. The new gTLD program has faced criticism from various institutions and governments over the years. While concessions have been made for most of the volatile parts of this program, there are a few concerns that still need to be addressed.
Nevertheless, as of now, this new program is most certainly a progressive next step. Whether we’re moving forward or backward, only time will tell.
Applications for new gTLDs will be accepted from January 12, 2012 to April 12, 2012. You can read the official Press Release at
Additionally, Michele Neylon’s article on CircleID covers the impact of new gTLDs on Registrars quite well.