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The Voice of LogicBoxes – Vol. 2

Hello folks!

Here’s the second volume of the Voice of LogicBoxes – our bi-annual newsletter on OrderBox updates and other changes that affect your Registrar business. This volume covers the latter half of 2011.


  • We’ve added 2 new domain extensions to the system – .XXX, .AU
  • The look and feel of the Registrar, Reseller and Customer control panels are in the process of being completely re-designed. As a precursor to this, we’ve already made changes to the CSS to give the header, menu and the widgets a modern and cleaner look
  • As part of our ongoing exercise to revamp OrderBox, we’ve clubbed all branding-related tasks for Registrars under one roof with the introduction of “Branding Settings”. Older, text-heavy pages have been given a cleaner, crisper and lighter look
  • We’ve also initiated a refactoring exercise for our Bulk Tools where we started with the most heavily-used Bulk Renewals and Registrations. Under this, we refactored the backend code as well as enhanced front-end flows of the Bulk Renewal process. Based on feedback received from Partners, we are currently working on further enhancements to the Bulk Renewal process where we will be attempting to make the flows more intuitive for Customers too
  • As part of our initiative to build out our Hosting product portfolio, we’ve launched Multi-Domain Hosting (MDH) on our Linux platform. With this product, you can now host multiple domains under one cPanel account.
  • For managing feedback, we’ve restarted UserVoice. Our Product Managers are actively interacting with the Registrar Community to prioritise on features and upgrades that need to be added to the system


  • We conducted two webinars in association with Verisign folks:
    1. A detailed walkthrough of the “Verisign Customer Center”
    2. “Verisign New Unit Marketing Promo” that gave Registrars detailed information on upcoming promotions in 2012

  • We also conducted a webinar in conjunction with ICM Registry – the .XXX registry to spread awareness about the new .XXX domain name
  • We also attended hugely popular conferences like HostingCon, Parallels APAC and the ICANN meet at Senegal. We’ll most probably be attending these events again, so if you want to meet us at these events in 2012, let us know

If you have any feedback or would like to hear more about the content of this edition, do let us know!

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Announcements, Press Releases, Voice of LogicBoxes

The Voice of LogicBoxes – Vol. 1

1. Introduction
Welcome to the first volume of the ‘Voice of LogicBoxes’ – a periodic update on all system modifications to OrderBox. This will help you stay tuned to all changes and modifications in our services so that you can make the most of everything we have to offer.
2. System Updates
The OrderBox platform forms a core component of our product portfolio. Having said that it’s been around for 8+ years, we’re constantly making upgrades and changes to the system to keep in line with the ever-changing needs of clients; while keeping an eye on current technological advancements. Here’s a list of major changes we’ve made on the system in the past 6 months:

  • .DE and .ES ccTLDs have been launched on the platform
  • Build-it-for-Me (BIFM) Website Design Services have been launched across all channels
  • The ‘Order Details’ interface has been revamped completely. You can view a screenshot of the same here:
  • Web Services can be fully upgraded + downgraded now
  • The promo engine has been revised with support for Renewal actions as well
  • Pricing bands have been introduced for Web Services
  • The APIs have been made more secure with IP white-listing checks in place
  • The Sign-Up confirmation mails have been made more secure and will not include passwords entered by the Reseller/Customer during Sign-Up
  • The Name Suggestion view on the SuperSite has been revamped

Additionally, we’ve started OrderBox forums to keep you constantly updated on System statuses. All updates will be placed on the forum, and not the support page. You can subscribe to the forum with your OrderBox credentials at
3. Other Activities

  • Promotions
    • We’ve run successful promotions on a number of TLDs including .IN, .CO, .ASIA and the new .DE & .ES to name a few
    • Introductory promotions were run for the BIFM and DIY (Do-it Yourself Website Builder) products as well
  • Webinars
    • We conducted a Webinar to introduce the new BIFM and DIY Website Design services to clients back in February
    • We will also be conducting a webinar on 13th July, 2011 in collaboration with Verisign

If you have any feedback or would like to hear more about the content of this edition, do feel free to comment and let us know!