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The Voice of LogicBoxes: Vol. 10

The Voice of LogicBoxes: Vol. 10

Hello folks!

Welcome to the 10th edition of The Voice of LogicBoxes. The last quarter has witnessed a monumental change and will always be remembered as the time when businesses from across all industries of various shapes and sizes geared up in achieving one major goal – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance. In the midst of all that had to be done on the platform as well as on the website front for making LogicBoxes GDPR-compliant, we also launched a new product, integrated a new nTLD, made enhancements to OrderBox, and attended an industry event.

To know more about these developments, continue reading further:


  • Domains

    • Launching .ICU: We integrated the new gTLD .ICU on OrderBox in the GA phase. For all those of you who wish to sell this promising TLD to your customers, you can log in to your control Panels right away and do the needful. Read more
    • Monthly Promos: Over 100 TLDs had active promos running throughout the last quarter. To know about the TLD promos that you can make use of for July, head over to our promos page.
  • Web Products

    • Launching Themes, Plugins & Logos: We launched one of the most multi-faceted products we have on our platform – Themes, Plugins, Logos in April. With thousands of website themes, readymade plugins and customizable logos, this product packs a punch when it comes to getting a fully-functional website up within minutes! Read more.


  • Notification of the upcoming GDPR-related changes: The May of 2018 witnessed the implementation of a pivotal regulatory change – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In order to keep our partners looped in on our plan of action with respect to the GDPR policy, we documented a detailed article explaining the various concepts and terms involved in the matter. Read more.
  • Implementation of the GDPR and the corresponding platform changes: The advent of the GDPR brought with it an exhaustive list of technical changes which were essential to carry on a smooth transition of making our platform i.e. OrderBox, our Control Panel and our white-labelled storefront i.e. the SuperSite GDPR-compliant. To read the entire list of platform changes, click here.
  • Changes to our Password Policy: We updated our password policy to ensure that OrderBox continues to be a secure space. We communicated the impact of this change as well as shared a detailed documentation of the same on our KnowledgeBase. Read more.
  • Handling of Domain Name Transfers post GDPR: The implementation of the GDPR warranted a bunch of changes with respect to the inbound and outbound Domain Transfer process. Read more about these changes here.
  • Discontinuing Turkey servers: Effective April 13, 2018, we discontinued new orders on our Turkey servers. The impact of this change is documented here.
  • TLS Deprecation & Security Upgrades: Effective April 23, 2018, we deprecated support for TLD 1.0. This was done in order to keep up with a universal deprecation of this old security protocol. Read more.
  • VPS Virtuozzo Deprecation Updates: Since Linux KVM VPS grew to be the most preferred choice for most of our partners, Virtuozzo based VPS Hosting was completely deprecated from OrderBox on April 30, 2018. Read more.
  • Removing GDPR protection for .NL and .DO: Owing to the Registries’ decision of displaying the customer WHOIS data openly, we had to disable GDPR protection on new and existing registrations of the .NL and .DO domain names. Read more.


  • Secure your Branded URLs: In order to prevent websites from resolving to a partially branded URL, we recommended that our partners and their sub-resellers secure their fully branded URLs with an SSL certificate. Read more.


  • ICANN GDD Industry Summit: Q2 was quite light when it came to industry events. However, we did attend ICANN’s GDD Industry Summit in Vancouver in May this year. Known for discussing various operational and commercial aspects within the Domains industry, we can say with certainty that this year’s event was no less when it came to living up to our expectations.
  • Domain Pulse: Earlier in February, we travelled to Munich to attend the Domain Pulse conference. Known to be the largest annual conference for the German domain name industry, it proved to be an opportune setting for us to learn about how the rest of the domains businesses were planning to tackle the GDPR challenge.

Q2 was one busy quarter for us mainly because of the entire GDPR scenario. However, it was also one of the most fulfilling quarters since we managed to achieve everything that we had on our agenda. We hope this post helped you catch up with the latest developments that happened at our end and if you have any feedback about the contents of this edition, we’d love it if you let us know about it by posting your comments below.

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Until next quarter,

Team LogicBoxes

Neha Mestry
Neha Mestry
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