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Podcast: Aditya Arya in conversation with Andrew Allemann from DomainNameWire

Podcast: Aditya Arya in conversation with Andrew Allemann from DomainNameWire

A few days ago, Aditya Arya, AVP of Business Operations at LogicBoxes, engaged in a rich and stimulating conversation with Andrew Allemann from DomainNameWire.

The duo spoke about the changing face of the Domain Name Reseller and Registrar business, among a lot of other changes that have occurred in the industry, in the GDPR-compliant era. Given below are the 5 questions which together formed the backbone of this conversation:

  1. How has the market for individual investors owning their own registrar changed? Has there been a shift in the appetite of individuals owning their own Registrar?
  2. How has the transition of LogicBoxes from primarily being a platform provider for ICANN Accredited Registrars to growing into a Reseller platform been like?
  3. Despite functioning under the umbrella of the same parent company, the Endurance International Group, what differentiates LogicBoxes from ResellerClub?
  4. What does the landscape of Reseller platforms look like today?
  5. How do complexities of the GDPR affect Resellers?

If you wish to listen to this whip-smart exchange of questions and answers, we have a podcast version of it for you:

Do give it a listen in case the domain reseller business, the GDPR’s impact or both are topics that pique your interest. We’re certain that you will have quite a few takeaways by the end of it.

Note: This podcast was first released on the DomainNameWire website on July 2, 2018.

Simran Mehta
Simran Mehta
Simran is the youngest member of our Marketing team, at a whopping 21 years old! When she is not eagerly waiting for the weekend to head out and party, she handles all Social Media and Online Reputation Management for LogicBoxes.

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