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The Voice of LogicBoxes – Vol. 5

Welcome to the 5th edition of the Voice of LogicBoxes!

It’s been a very eventful 2013 so far with multiple TLD launches, numerous product additions, and improvements for your Supersite and control panels. Not to forget, a new and exciting feature on OrderBox, to further improve your customer experience. Read on!



  • New Introductions: We’ve added the following extensions on board the platform in the past 6 months –
    • .PW
    • .CN
    • .IN.NET &
    • .COM.DE


  • Single Domain Hosting : A new version of Single Domain Hosting has been introduced which allows mail to be handled through cPanel
  • New version for DIY Website Builder: Our DIY website builder has been updated and incorporates 20+ new & exciting themes, additional unique fonts, better drag & drop functionality and much more!
  • Introducing Softaculous: We’ve deployed Softaculous as our one-click installer across all Single & Multi-domain hosting packages
  • LogicBoxes Open-Source WHMCS Modules now available: You can now add Single Domain, Multi Domain and Reseller Hosting packages (Linux/Windows hosted on geo-located servers), Email solutions and Website Builder to your current offering through these completely Open-Source WHMCS Modules


  • Updated WHOIS Template: A new refined template for WHOIS has been introduced that displays the Registrar name in the WHOIS, without any need for coding changes
  • Revamped Bulk Tools: Basis the feedback we’ve received from Uservoice and via emails, we’ve made major changes to our Bulk tools (Renewals, Suspensions, Locking, etc.) to make it easier and faster to place bulk requests in the system
  • OrderBox System Mails revamped: Email notifications for every purchase in the system have been streamlined to deliver a better messaging structure to users
  • Bulk Renewal Module improvements: This module has been made more efficient to provide a better, hassle-free experience to users
  • New Unique API Key: In order to secure the API connections to our system, we’ve introduced an API key that can be used to authenticate API calls
  • Cloudflare on Hosting Packages: The robust service that protects and accelerates the performance of websites has been implemented on our hosting packages. Features of Cloudflare include a strong content delivery network, better security and in-depth analytics


  • SMS Alerts: We’ve provisioned SMS alerts for specific events/actions that take place on OrderBox. As of now, renewal reminders, alerts for low funds, etc. are being communicated via SMS to users. Work is on in full swing to ensure that this medium is leveraged to the fullest so that system information is readily available to users in a timely manner!

That’s all for now folks! Stay tuned, much more awesome stuff coming your way this year…

Amreen Bhujwala
Amreen Bhujwala
Arsenal, Per Mertesacker and Product Marketing form the three core parts of Amreen’s day to day life. A former goalkeeper for a local football club, Amreen is one of the friendliest bookworms you’ll ever come across.

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