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The Voice of LogicBoxes – Vol. 3

Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Voice of LogicBoxes – our bi-annual newsletter on the OrderBox platform. We’ve been mighty busy these past few months in enhancing the functionality and usability of the system. And here’s a select list of important updates that have been implemented in the past 6 months:


  1. New Domain Extension: .RU has been successfully launched on the OrderBox platform. Registrars can now provide the following extensions to their customers – .RU, .COM.RU, .NET.RU, .ORG.RU
  2. New Product: Reseller Hosting has been introduced in the system. Registrars can now sell both Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting with industry-leading Control Panels like WHMCS & Plesk
  3. New Product: Multi-Domain Hosting on Windows & Linux is now available. This is a feature that a lot of Registrars had requested and we trust that this offering will help them to create a more wholesome portfolio!


  1. Customer Control Panels have been revamped to make them more intuitive and to increase their effectiveness from a user experience perspective. In addition, the navigation structure has been streamlined and includes a clear ‘Buy’ button for all purchase-related actions
  2. Registrar & Reseller Dashboards too have been enhanced in functionality to put frequently-used functions within closer reach of users. This includes a suite of tasks like renewal management, global search, listing available funds, etc.
  3. The ‘Order Preview’ module has been added to OrderBox. This allows users to get a quick overview of a particular order and facilitates speedy management of orders in general
  4. Work on revamping system-generated emails has begun. This will incorporate the feedback we’ve received from users over the past few months and will ensure that customers receive crisp and to-the-point e-mail communication
  5. We’ve moved .UK over to EPP and have made significant changes to streamline its API functionality
  6. The CSV Reports module has been revamped. The new enhancements provide more accurate and wholesome business data that can be used to draw trends and statistics
  7. The Transfer-in process has been revamped to make it easier for customers to transfer in their domains to the system without using an Authorization Code
  8. The Upgrade/Downgrade logic on the SuperSite has been shifted from a monthly calculation to a daily one. This will ensure that more accurate pro-rata figures are calculated

That’s it for this edition of the Voice of LogicBoxes. If you have any queries about the same feel free to comment and let us know!

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