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Why Sell New gTLDs? Let These Brands Assure You

Today, brands are hustling their way around the global market to attract eyeballs and grab attention. The internet offers a plethora of opportunities for brands to reach a wider target audience.

Did you know that Google recently purchased the domain name The domain is being used by Google’s My Business program globally. On performing a search on Google with, it shows 385 K+ results of websites that are already live on But Google’s not alone. Here are some leading brands that are using new domain extensions.

Viacom Media Networks, one of the largest broadcasting and cable companies globally, has picked a .TECH domain extension for their technology portal. The domain name Viacom.TECH serves as a crisp online identity that complements the nature of their initiative. Not only that, it garners intrigue and works well as a branding hack.

Emirates, the largest airline in the Middle East, invested in Emirates.STORE to mark their place on the web as a shopping portal for flyers to take home a piece of the iconic brand and celebrate the spirit of traveling. The domain name is simple, easy to remember and clearly demarcates the brand’s online store from their official company website – this makes Emirates.STORE a brand of its own.  

Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the biggest exhibitions that thrives on innovation, technology, and consumer electronics. Held annually in Las Vegas, the mega-conference gathers over 3,900 exhibiting companies and some 170K attendees across 150 countries to witness new technologies and groundbreaking consumer products. Therefore, CES chose to move to a relevant and brand savvy domain name – CES.TECH. Not only that, even Consumer Technology Association (CTA), the trade association that organizes and produces CES is on CTA.TECH.

Freedom of the Press Foundation is a non-profit organization acknowledged for actively supporting free speech and freedom of the press. The organization, that includes Edward Snowden as a prominent Board of Director, chose Freedom.PRESS to accentuate their mission and secure a descriptive domain name on the web.

The Meredith Corporation, a media giant that boasts of revenues to the tune of $1.6 billion and owns over 300 magazines that include Better Homes and Gardens, All Recipes, and Diabetic Living, among many others, has secured the domain name for their online store. They use this intuitive domain address to provide readers with enticing subscription offers and fun deals for hundreds of magazines.

These are just some of the many popular brands that are using new domain extensions to set themselves apart. In fact, various successful cutting-edge startups such as Lorem.TECH, are using new domain extensions and it’s helping them get noticed at tech fests, startup events, investor pitches and among journalists and influencers.


There has been a common misconception amongst resellers that new gTLDs can never make it big and are not here to stay for long because they aren’t…well… .COM or .NET. Hence, legacy TLDs have dominated the left side of the dot for a long time. However, slowly but gradually, user preferences and attitudes have been shifting towards getting more creative with domain extensions; and with around 1200 new gTLDs available to choose from, they don’t have to worry about not being able to find “the right one”. Plus, with the branding and SEO advantages that new gTLDs offer, brands are more enthusiastic than ever to embrace them.

Does this make you eager to start reselling new gTLDs right away? Check out the full list of new domain extensions offered by LogicBoxes here.

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