Get the Premium Domain Advantage!

While searching for a domain name, customers are always looking for something specific. However, it’s not always easy to find that perfect domain name. When confronted with such a scenario, one option is to settle for a domain that roughly matches their needs, and the second is to walk away disappointed.

In the latter case, you’ve not only lost the domain sale but you’ve also lost the possibility of making additional sales of web presence products and services. To tackle this situation, you can offer Premium Domain Names to your customers, to prevent them from settling for the “leftovers”.

Premium Domain Names are highly sought after domain names that have been registered previously and are back in the market for resale. Domain names of these kind are identified as premium strings by the registries and come with a higher perceived value than most, with heavy sale prices. These are short, easy to recall, keyword-rich names that you can sell for much higher prices than regular domain registrations; sometimes even for 6 or 7-figured amounts!

Premium Domains v/s Unregistered Regular Domains

The Premium Domain Advantage

Premium Domains on an average sell for 200x more than unregistered regular domains. There are numerous well known reasons for a domain name to be considered premium. Since they are short and easy to remember, they have a higher recall value. They also help improve SEO rankings, increase direct type-in traffic and reduce PPC costs. A valuable premium domain conveys a sense of trust and confidence that in turn helps in attracting more traffic to your website.

Why Sell Premium Domains?

  • Drive Higher Lifetime Value: Customers who purchase premium domains also tend to buy more services such as Hosting packages, SSLs and other products thereby increasing customer stickiness.
  • Gain a Competitive Advantage: Offering this product helps you to stand out in the market since this product is not available with many other domain providers
  • They are High-Margin Products: For every premium domain sale through your account, you make up to 25% of your list price

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For ccTLD Registries: 4 Steps to Guaranteed Success

The introduction of New gTLDs has increased the rate at which individuals and businesses are getting online today and we’re already seeing mainstream adoption of New gTLDs. By going the extra mile to spread awareness about their extensions among the masses, New gTLD Registries are bringing attention to their value propositions and, more importantly, are sharing the idea of ‘getting online’ to audiences.


If you’re a ccTLD Registry, you’ve been steadily growing these past few years and may not have seen a major impact from New gTLDs on your growth numbers. The advent of new gTLDs could in fact help boost online awareness & registrations for your ccTLD. How? Even though you might have minor competition from New gTLDs for market share, there will always be a steady segment of customers and businesses that will want to opt for a local country extension to proudly denote who they are and where they do business.

And with Domain Registrars and their customers spoilt for choice with so many TLD options, it’s imperative for your Registry to take a few important steps today that will serve as the foundation of your Registry’s growth for years to come!

Here are 4 strategic initiatives that will propel your ccTLD to a strong industry player in your local region:

  1. Take control of your distribution network: While you have strategic partnerships in place with Domain Registrars, you should definitely consider creating and leveraging your own wholesale network too. A network comprising of distributors and organizations in your region, who have a better and dedicated access to your end customers, will result in a quick and more effective sales process.
  2. Start a Flagship Storefront: A dedicated ecommerce site for your ccTLD can boost conversions and help you convey your message better. It also enhances the overall buying experience for every customer, allowing them to buy your ccTLD without the added clutter of hundreds of other extensions and irrelevant products. Having your own storefront also lets customers engage with you directly, increasing the opportunity to close sales and garner feedback.
  3. Automate all Business Processes: Most ccTLD Registries spend a lot of resources on manual day-to-day operations and don’t have the budgets to ramp up marketing and sales activities. By automating daily operational tasks such as order invoicing, domain activation, customer management, etc., you can spend more time and resources focusing on business development and marketing activities.
  4. Sell additional Web Products: It’s rarely seen that a ccTLD Registry, which sells directly to customers, offers anything else other than a Domain Name. Here’s a huge opportunity to provide your customers with a wholesome web experience by giving them the ability to buy various Value Added Services along with a domain name, viz. Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Website Builder, etc. This helps boost your revenue as a Registry and at the same time, increases customer stickiness too!


Having worked with various ccTLD Registries over the past few years, we have amassed a deep understanding of the potential and pitfalls facing them today. A few ccTLDs have already realized that they’re in the right place and the right time to exponentially boost growth and expand their namespace. Registries such as .MN, .BZ, .CO, .HN have all adopted the 4-pronged strategy mentioned above and have taken full ownership of their respective namespaces.

Every ccTLD Registry out there, no matter how big or small the size of your local population, can definitely benefit from these strategies to meet their business goals.



Achieving Success in Your Hosting Business – The Secret Is Out!

In today’s world, the sheer count of Web Hosting Businesses is growing exponentially with a constant flow of new players entering the industry every day. Looking at current trends, one can see that mid-sized hosting companies are the ones bearing the most brunt. These companies find it hard to compete with larger hosting companies and their heavy marketing dollars. At the same time, smaller hosting companies are also eating into their customer base.

If you are running a mid-sized hosting business then you would agree that there are some serious business challenges today, including the need for differentiation, profitability and boost in new customer acquisition.

Domain names have long been a “foot-in-the-door” product for most hosting companies that have recorded high growth. The advent of new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) has shifted the focus more towards new & exciting extensions that promise better and shorter names at a fraction of the cost of a premium .com domain name.

This is the right time for you to seize the opportunity and leverage it to ramp up new registrations by using domain names as the primary product to get customers onboard. This, however, takes careful planning and a well-oiled backend partner to ensure that you are able to fully leverage the new domains opportunity.

Based on our experience, the secret to leveraging domains is a simple 3-step Model:

1) Consolidation

As of today, there are 350+ gTLDs that have gone LIVE (with 100s more to come). It’s critical for Hosting companies to ensure that they work towards a model wherein they work with a single provider for all of these TLDs for a single point of integration. Managing multiple TLD integration points, pricing negotiations and uptimes can get operationally taxing.

A single point of integration with an experienced partner along with a simple fixed fee model across all TLDs and aggressive SLAs is, naturally, the most efficient model for you to manage your domain name product offering.

2) Tailored Reseller Program

Long gone are the days when a plain Domain Reseller model through a local provider made sense. Today, hosting companies are on the hunt for a Domains Partner that provides them with essential services around domain name registrations. Ideally, and seriously it’s not too much to ask, your Domains Partner must have a consultative approach to the partnership with dedicated PoCs and a 24×7 support model in place.

Your ideal Domains Partner should be someone with an impeccable repute offering you an advisory approach towards the success of your domains business and a competitive price point.

3) ICANN Accreditation

If you aim to reach the top of the food chain, it’s imperative for you to consider getting ICANN Accredited and taking complete control over your domains business.

Simply put, you need to ensure that you directly procure domain names from the respective Registries such as Verisign and PIR.

ICANN Accreditation has many benefits: a clear cost advantage as you don’t have to pay the Reseller Fee any more, complete control over security of VIP domain names through Domain locking, etc. As a Registrar, all the WHOIS requests show your brand name which boosts your marketing goals.


It is imperative for you as a Hosting business to align yourself with the ever-changing industry and join forces with the right partners for critical product offerings like Domains and the right time is now.


Having been in the domain & hosting industry for over a decade now, LogicBoxes has helped over 100 hosting companies to identify business requirements and grow exponentially via an ICANN Accreditation. This article is written basis the key insights that we’ve acquired through working with our partners. If you’d like to learn anything specific or have any questions, feel free to comment below!



Webinar for New gTLDs – Last-Mile Strategy: Connect with Your Real Customers!

This is the age of the Customer. It has become imperative for companies today to have a customer-centric approach to sustain and succeed in the market. This is an approach that we strongly believe New gTLD Registries can adopt to differentiate themselves and succeed.

Today, Registrars are finding it difficult to focus on all New gTLDs and are choosing to sell lucrative, generic New gTLDs primarily. This poses a challenge to the niche New gTLDs that don’t make it to the top selling list. To overcome this hurdle, Registries need to equip themselves with means to sell their extensions directly to the end customers. In other words, Registries must embrace the Direct-to-Customer model (in addition to the classic Registrar model) to avoid losing out on customers and sales. And the domain industry has already seen some strong examples of Registries that have benefitted from embracing a combination of the Registry-Registrar model and the Direct-to-Customer model.

Join us for a webinar about “New gTLD Last-Mile Strategy – Connect with Your Real Customers!” on October 7, 2015. Through this webinar, we aim to throw light upon the success stories of Registries who have achieved new heights of success by making this bold move. Apart from this, we will also discuss newer opportunities and strategies that New gTLD Registries can make use of to widen the reach of their New gTLDs.

Benefits of attending the Webinar:

  • Learn about different cases of New gTLD Adoption
  • Understand what’s common amongst successful Niche Brands
  • Gain insights from success stories of other New gTLDs

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Webinar for ccTLDs : 3 Easy Steps to Build a New Age ccTLD!

In this era of automated domain purchases, several ccTLDs still use legacy non-automated systems for domain registrations. Also with the advent of New gTLDs, Registrars haven’t been able to focus on ccTLD domain sales as before. As a result, it has become extremely crucial for ccTLDs to adopt automation and a direct-to-customer strategy to maintain their foothold in the market.

To help ccTLD Registries understand the benefits of ccTLD Automation, we have arranged for a LIVE and exclusive webinar that talks about “3 Easy Steps to Build a New Age ccTLD”. The aim of this webinar is to help ccTLD Registries understand the current state of the industry and how they can make the most out of automation and new revenue opportunities. To empower Registries to achieve these objectives, our in-house ccTLD expert – Clifford deSouza will host this webinar and guide you with his expertise.

Benefits for Attendees:

  • Learn about benefits of Direct-to-Customer Strategies
  • Understand the importance and need of ccTLD automation
  • Explore new revenue opportunities with Value Added Services
  • Gain insights from success stories of other ccTLDs

Seats for the webinar are limited, so secure a seat today and take advantage of this great opportunity!