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Rise of the New gTLDs

ICANN has recently publicized the list of new gTLD applicants and the strings that will compete with the 22 existing generic TLDs and 290 odd ccTLDs that exist today.

A total of 1930 applications have been received. These constitute 1409 unique strings. Over the next couple of year, some of these strings will be open for public use and will most certainly change the way we use the internet on a day-to-day basis!

Here’s more details on the applications –

Top Contested TLDs:

  1. .App (13 applicants)
  2. .Home (11 applicants)
  3. .Inc (11 applicants)
  4. .Art (10 applicants)
  5. .Blog (9 applicants)
  6. .Book (9 applicants)
  7. .LLC (9 applicants)
  8. .Shop (9 applicants)

Classification of TLDs:

  • 1137 Generics
  • 643 Brands
  • 84 Community
  • 66 Geographic
  • 116 IDNs (covering 12 scripts)

Global Distribution of TLDs:

  • 911 from North America
  • 675 from Europe
  • 303 from the Asia-Pacific region
  • 24 from Latin America and the Caribbean and
  • 17 from Africa

Largest Applicants (in terms of no. of applications submitted) include:

  • Donuts – 307
  • Google – 101
  • Amazon – 76
  • TLDH – 71
  • Famous Four Media – 60
  • Uniregistry – 54
  • Radix – 31
  • Afilias – 31

The entire list of applicant details can be found on ICANN’s Website.

You can get more information about the new gTLD process on Further insights can be gained on ICANNWiki’s New gTLD page as well.

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.RU Domains Names Available on OrderBox

Registrars and partners will now be able to use sell .RU domains from OrderBox.

Apart from second level .RU domains, third level domains under .COM.RU, .NET.RU and .ORG.RU are also available for registration.

To give you a perspective of the size of the ccTLD, since its inception in 1994 , .RU has amassed about 3.6 Million+ Domain Registrations so far.

Total number of domain names in .RU (2003-2011)

Pic Courtesy: .RU Co-ordination Center

Registrars: If you need any help in marketing this ccTLD, please contact your respective Account Managers.

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LogicBoxes Partners with Yovole

We are happy to annnounce our partnership with Yovole Communications to help them achieve ICANN Accreditation and to increase their domain extension portfolio. This partnership allows Yovole to leverage on ICANN Accreditation branding and provides access to 45+ Domain Name extensions from LogicBoxes.

As an advantage of being ICANN Accredited, Yovole will now be able to further establish its brand as a serious player in the domain name industry. This will certainly ensure in better volumes of business for the company in the days to come.

Yovole’s choice of partnering with us is based on LogicBoxes’ extensive experience in assisting and managing ICANN Registrars. The partnership also gives Yovole access to OrderBox – LogicBoxes’ Registrar Automation Solution, that will allow Yovole to provide its customers with ancillary web products like Web and Email Hosting, Do-it-Yourself Website Builders and Digital Certificates.

Commenting on the partnership, Qiuzhiwu, Product Director at Yovole said, “LogicBoxes helped us understand the Accreditation process – something that would have been very time-consuming for us to learn first-hand. We’ve saved a lot of resources by partnering with them.”

“A lot of web hosts and large domain resellers are now realizing the advantages of ICANN Accreditation”, said Sandeep Ramchandani, Director at LogicBoxes. “We’re glad to partner with Yovole and trust that we will help them further boost their business in all aspects.”

About Yovole:

Yovole, founded in 2001, provides internet value-added services to SMEs in China, with their main business being IDC (collocation); IBS (internet basic service, e.g. domains, web hosting, cloud computing, etc.) and SaaS (Hosted Exchange , SharePoint, etc). It has 170+ employees that are based out of Shanghai (HQ) and Beijing, Chengdu & Guangzhou. The company has over 100K customers. It is also a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner with competencies in hosting and server platforms.
For more information, please visit

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VeriSign’s Registry Fee Hike – In Retrospect

The Registry fee for .COM and .NET will increase 2 days from now. The fee for .COM domain names have increased from $7.34 to $7.85 and the fees for .NET domain names have increased from $5.40 to $5.86.

This is the last of the 4 price hikes that Verisign is entitled to, under contract with ICANN.

Here’s a quick summary of the price changes so far:

Why does Verisign keep increasing .COM/.NET fees?

According to them; in the last five years, the volume of DNS queries on Verisign’s global Internet infrastructure has more than doubled, increasing to an average daily query load of 57 billion in the first quarter of 2011. This daily number was ~30 billion queries on average in 2007 and was a miniscule of 1 billion queries per day back in 1999.

The additional fees help the company bolster and scale infrastructure and platforms to ensure smooth functioning of these systems.

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LogicBoxes Crosses 6 Million Domains

We’ve now crossed the 6 Million mark for Domains registered through our platform – OrderBox.

It took us a little under a year to grow from 4 Million to 5 Million Domains, a milestone we crossed at the start of this year. Comparatively, the latest Million was achieved in just over 9 months!

We owe this achievement to our extensive channel partner network that includes 90+ ICANN Accredited Domain Name Registrars and over 60,000+ Resellers. Every partner has access to a basket of 50+ Domain Name extensions and Web Service products like Web Hosting, Email Hosting, Website Builders and Digital Certificates. This has allowed each partner to quickly setup successful online businesses and play a first-hand role in increasing the online penetration of their local region.

“We’ve been consistently introducing newer TLDs and products into the system to ensure that our Registrars have all the tools they need to capture their target markets,” said Sandeep Ramchandani, Director, LogicBoxes. “We’ve also been working closely with various Domain Registries to garner the best domain rates for our Registrars and plan on further boosting these activities in the coming months.”

Over 20% of the world’s ICANN Accredited Registrars have been accredited through our consultancy service. LogicBoxes’ product portfolio includes a comprehensive provisioning & management platform for various web products and services such as Domain Registration, Windows/Linux Web Hosting, Email Hosting, SSL, Website Builder etc. LogicBoxes recently launched their FREE DNS Service and other products such as Domain and Mail Forwarding and Chat (IM) are expected to go free shortly.